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Welcome to BayTires

If you live, work, shop or play in Los Angeles or San Francisco, you spend a lot of time in your car, truck, or SUV—more so than most Americans. Traffic can get quite congested, as there are millions of people all trying to get somewhere on a limited number of California roads and freeways.
Your vehicle needs safe, reliable, environmentally-friendly tires that can handle the rigors of driving in California, with its stop-and-go traffic, extreme weather variables, and varieties of terrain.

Buying brand new tires can break the bank. BayTires keeps our tire prices affordable by offering high tread performance used tires.
As an environmentally-friendly tire business, we believe in leaving the smallest carbon footprint possible in order to make California a healthier place to live. We also believe in not wasting resources. By offering top quality used tires at an affordable price, we’re doing our part to reduce tire waste while at the same time improving overall fuel efficiency in California. After all, properly inflated tires with decent treads and sidewalls make vehicles more fuel efficient—saving you money in the long run while helping the environment, too.

BayTires offers a wide range of professional tire services to customers from Los Angeles, San Francisco, South San Francisco, Daly City, and other surrounding areas in California. Stop in and visit our stores in San Francisco & Los Angeles, where you can have tires installed on your vehicle. We also offer the option of delivering tires right to your door if you so choose.
Many returning customers come back to BayTires time and time again because we offer the brands they know and trust, like MICHELIN®, Bridgestone, and Continental, for a fraction of the full price of brand new tires.

If you’re in California and need affordable tires, BayTires is your best choice for selection, service and quality.

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Customer Reviews


Thanks to the city of L.A.s' many many potholes, I needed a quality used tire at a reasonable price without the hassle. Thank goodness I found Dimitri at Bay Tires. His company is LEGIT! His website was easy to use and I got to choose which tire I wanted amongst many. The actual pictures of the tire were included along with the tread life remaining; talk about a great concept. Anyway, Dimitri is a nice guy and his service assosiate was great too. The dude, inspected the used tire, balanced and ..

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