About Us

Why do we sell used tires?

We believe in getting as much use as possible out of safe, environmentally-friendly tires. That’s why all of our tires are rigorously examined by experienced tire professionals before being certified for sale to you. You don’t have to drive a hybrid to make a positive environmental impact on the road. The tires you drive affect your car’s fuel efficiency and we want to make your car run as long, clean, and inexpensively as possible. That is why we are your solution to affordable tires. You save hundreds of dollars when you buy one, two, three or a whole set from us. Our professionally matched tires never look out of place. We find the exact brand you need or the closest match that blends with your other tires. We take pride in matching your tire needs to our inventory. (local green trees and a sports car close up of a car)

Who are the people behind BayTires?

We at BayTires have nearly a decade of experience under our belt working together in the tire industry. We’re dedicated to giving our San Francisco and Los Angeles customers the safest, most reliable and eco-friendly tires for their cars. Come into one of our shops and you will see firsthand our professional service in action. We happily accept any challenge to find the right tires for your vehicle, regardless of make, model or outrageous tire sizes. Even the biggest monsters of the road need quality used tires from our inventory!

What does BayTires stand for?

We stand for safe, professional, high quality and environmentally-friendly tire service at an affordable rate. We know tires affect every aspect of your car’s performance, from its axel wear to its gas mileage. We want you to get high-class performance from your tires without sacrificing fuel efficiency. That is why we work tirelessly to get the most out of tires to both reduce our carbon footprint and save on your wallet. We strive to be on the progressive, cutting-edge of the tire business. While some people are making millions gambling on the environment and the fate of the world, we are betting that you need the best price, product and service every single day.

What does BayTires stand against?

Some auto shop owners can be wasteful, negligent or worse in their duties to the environment. We’re keenly aware of our place in the world and we work hard to make sure BayTires does its part to stay environmentally-friendly. Our business leaves the smallest carbon footprint possible. You wouldn’t think of a tire shop as being an environmentally progressive place, but we pride ourselves on our commitment to making everywhere we do business cleaner and safer for our customers. As responsible custodians of California, we can do nothing less. That’s why our tires can improve your car’s fuel efficiency by many fractions of a percent that quickly adds up in your daily commute. We can make a huge positive environmental impact together in California when you join us at either of our locations in Los Angeles or San Francisco.